Why does Marin Volvo-Saab have such fast turnaround on their repaired vehicles? It’s because all their parts are located on the premises.

Marin Volvo – Saab has the largest Volvo and Saab parts department in the area. We have in stock common and most hard to find parts for Volvo and Saab vehicles. Marin Volvo – Saab takes pride in having a complete parts department. We have OEM parts and brand name aftermarket parts.

If we don’t have a part in stock… our convenient online parts ordering allows us to receive up to five shipments per day!

Vehicle mechanics have too many options for parts to use. With his 40 years of business experience, owner Rick Palumbo knows Volvo and Saab parts and brands inside and out! He knows which part brand would work most efficiently and last the longest on your car. Marin Volvo-Saab only uses brands known for quality, such as Bosch out of Germany, for electrical and fuel injection repairs.


At Marin Volvo-Saab we strive for excellence every day. That is one of the reasons we only specialize in Volvo and Saab automobiles. We are Volvo and Saab experts and want every customer to be 100% satisfied with the work that we do on their Volvo or Saab. We have been working on Volvo and Saab vehicles since the 1970’s and we have had thousands of satisfied customers. Here’s what some of our customers are saying:

Raul F. Novato, CA – Marin Volvo-Saab has worked on my 1994 Volvo 850 Turbo Wagon and on more than one occasion owner Rick Palumbo & his mechanics went way beyond the “call of duty” to troubleshoot a problem with my car’s transmission, keeping it overnight and having one of the mechanics drive it during off hours to try to get an intermittent problem to reappear.
Rick is an honest business owner who will find used parts for you if you ask him.  I’d recommend Marin Volvo-Saab to any Volvo owner looking for great service.

 Tyler S. – Larkspur, CA – I just took my 1988 Saab 900 S in for an inspection and minor service today.  I came away with a sense that Rick, the owner, is a man of integrity.  He showed me around the shop and gave me a brief history of the 30 years he had been in business.  The service was completed in a timely manner while I waited and made conversation with Rick.
Since he had quoted me a slightly lower price on the phone he discounted the work done by $20 as well as an additional $30 for a part that had been replaced.
For as long as I have a Saab or any other Swedish car, Rick is going to be my guy.

Lauren D. – Greenbrae, CA – In my experience, Marin Volvo-Saab is an all-around excellent place to have a car serviced. Owner Rick Palumbo is kind, accomodating, funny and helpful. He always goes above and beyond with my Saab 9-3, and turnaround is always timely. Other employees at the shop are likewise kind and helpful. I highly reccomend Marin Volvo-Saab!!

Harold B. – Marin, CA – Rick Palumbo runs a great shop. He is honest to a fault in that he has not charged me to look at things he determines he does not need to actually work on. He treats customers with great respect and provides all the information you need or ask for. His rates are fair. More than once he has recommended alternate approaches to apparent repair needs that would have otherwise cost big bucks to fix.  For instance, he recommended that he tighten the nuts  and recharge our air conditioner condenser instead of replacing it as suggested by another repair shop – 10 years later and our air conditioner still has a charge.  He simply reset a fault code on SRS Control Module instead of replacing the module as recommended by the dealer (which would have cost $1000).  Car still functions normally.  He always seems to keep my interest first.  I recommend this shop very highly.

Lew M. –  Menlo Park, CA – I would like to offer praise for Rick Palumbo, owner of Marin Volvo-Saab. The Monday before Thanksgiving 2011 we were heading north from Menlo Park to Fort Bragg when I notice that the engine temperature gauge of our ’97 Volvo 850 was just short of the red zone.  We exited ASAP and eventually found Marin Volvo-Saab.  Rick saw our station wagon packed to the brim, my wife looking anxious and our cat in the back seat.  Rick guessed it was the thermostat and managed to squeeze us in to his already overloaded shop.  Within an hour we were on the road again and realized how lucky we were to get off 101 when and where we did.  If we hadn’t our engine would have fried. And, more importantly, that we found a compassionate and technically savvy person like Rick Palumbo.  Thanks Rick.  If we didn’t live in Menlo Park, your place would be our Volvo garage.

Bob R. – San Rafael, CA – I always trusted Rick, but a recent experience confirmed beyond a doubt that he is truly the best and most reputable car mechanic I’ve ever dealt with. Rick has worked on three of my cars over about a decade — a 1990 Saab 9000 Turbo; a 1996 Volvo 850 and a ’99 Volvo S70. My S70 was in his shop for over a week last month as his team tried to make sense of a series of unpredictable and somewhat bizarre symptoms. Without going into too many details, in the end Rick fixed my car and charged me only for the time it took to actually make the repair, plus only for the parts actually used. You might think that sounds like a no-brainer, but I know this resulted in a substantial loss of what would otherwise have been productive and profitable shop time. He is honest as anyone can be and he values his integrity. Someone to do business with for sure.

Teresa O. – Marin, CA – Huge fan of Rick and his team!  We have a 2005 Volvo SUV that we’d brought from the East Coast that was squeaking up a storm.  I did the responsible thing and got 3 estimates, checked out reviews, and decided to go with Rick.  Turned out to be the right decision for sure–what started out as an easy brake replacement turned into a mess of rusted rotors and parking brake adjuster (which had completely worn away the parking brake shoes).  What was supposed to take a morning turned into 3 day hunt for the problem–Rick didn’t charge me extra or go with the easy (and likely expensive) answer  of just replacing all the potential culprit parts and helped me get a cheap rental car (I was being quoted $190 a day due to the Thanksgiving holiday, and he sweet-talked them into $28 a day).  And when I was waiting around, I saw many customers come in who had been with him for years–he’s just added me to his ranks of loyal customers!

Chris J. – San Rafael, CA – I have been a loyal customer of Marin Volvo Saab for 15 years and have never had any complaints about quality or cost of work done on my multiple Saabs. Rick has been in business for over thirty years and this alone says a lot about his customer service as we customers keep on coming back!

John C. – Tiburon, CA – I knew my front brakes on my 2001 Saab were shot, and had a feeling that the front bearings were on the way out, too. Since B&B Saab closed their Burlingame operation, and I didn’t feel like driving to San Carlos. First of all, it’s evident that Rick is a Saab enthusiast – he has a collection of them in addition to the one he drives.  Since he’s been working on these cars since the 70’s, he’s a lot more knowledgble than the service manager who’s going to write up your ticket at the typical dealership, I think.  I think B&B Saab is a first-rate operation, but since they replaced the front pads and rotors at the 30,000 mile service check a few years ago, I could compare their bill with Rick’s.  While Rick charged slightly less for the rotors, the impressive thing was how much lower his labor charges were.  In fact, the labor charges for replacing the front rotors, front pads, rear pads, front wheel bearings and hubs, plus a transmission flush I asked for, an oil change, and some other minor service items was only 30% more than the dealership’s labor charges for a much smaller list of items.  Since I have an Old Guy fetish about sparkplugs, I asked Rick to change them, but he talked me out of it.  All in all, I’d say that he’s knowledgable, courteous, patient – he’ll discuss your options in detai without rushing you – and takes a lot of pride in his work (He gave me a tour of the shop.)  I think he’s a great resource

We would like to say a big THANK YOU to all our customers. We are proud of what our customers say about our business and their personal experiences. We’d love to hear from you too. Drop us a testimonial via email and we’ll add it to our page here.